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About Koss

Founded 1958

World's First SP/3 Stereophone

In 1958, John C. Koss teamed up with engineer Martin Lange, Jr. to develop a portable stereo phonograph player with side-wing speakers. The pair demonstrated their new stereo record player at a Wisconsin audio show. One of the product's unique features was a privacy switch, which allowed listeners to hear music by plugging in the world's first SP/3 Stereophone. The stereophones were intended to be an accessory to demonstrate the high-fidelity stereo sound that the portable phonograph player delivered.

The revolutionary sound of the Koss SP/3 Stereophone became the hit of the

  • The Original American Stereophone Company

    Ever since I invented the world's first SP/3 Stereophone back in 1958, Koss Stereophones have been bringing back the excitement of a live performance. Music lovers around the world recognize that dedication to accuracy in sound reproduction as: The Sound of Koss®

    John C. Koss, Founder


Featuring a hybrid design, the UR40 integrate the best of closed and open style headphones. Closed leatherette ear cushions form a tight seal around the ears to enhance bass frequencies, while screened ear cups provide an open, hear-through sound that keeps you in tune with your surroundings. The result: a clean, full frequency, great sound that turns every recording into a “live” performance.


Heavyweight sound intensity in a lightweight package, the Koss UR18 noise isolating studio headphones deliver tremendous quality for on-the-go listening. Closed, leatherette ear cushions seal the ears, enhancing the sound intensity and bass. With great sound in their corner, Koss UR18 headphones add great comfort in the form of an adjustable headband that accommodates nearly every head size and shape for a custom fit.


Koss SB40 is Ideal for gamers who enjoy deep bass, the SB40 features a dynamic element for premium sound at all volume levels. Incorporating a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, the SB40 delivers a full-range of sound that will bring your favorite games to life.Whether you're alone or online, the SB40's sound will be so efficient that you'll hear your opponent before they even know you're there.

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KOSS KTXPRO1 on Ear Headphones • Ultra-light behind-the-head sport clip®... Learn More

Koss TD85 Over Ear Headphones

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Koss TD85 186511 Over Ear Headphones  • Freq resp: 20Hz“ 17kHz• Sensitivity:... Learn More

Koss UR-20 Stereo Headphone

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Koss UR-20 Stereo Headphone • Minimum Frequency Response 30 Hz• Connectivity Technology... Learn More

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