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Koss - 160416 - ESP950 On Ear Headphones - Black

Koss - 160416 - ESP950 On Ear Headphones - Black


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Koss - 160416 - ESP950 On Ear Headphones - Black

• Frequency: 8-35,000 Hz
• Cord: Straight, Single Entry, 4ft
• AC adapter: 120V



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Acoustic Principal

• ESP950 features a circumaural open-air design with minimal acoustic damping.
• A single knob on the face plate controls volume between the left and right channels.
• This can take some getting used to, but it’s definitely preferable to the setup.

Electrostatic Difference

• Experience deep, clean bass with remarkable power & unmatched sound quality.
• The ability to fine tune left & right ensures you can tailor the sound for your own ears.
• Revolutionary electrostatic transducer design.

Comfort & Convenience

• Pivoting ear cups and an adjustable/detachable headband ensure ultimate comfort & convenience.
• The headphones come in sections, requiring you to attach the earpieces to the headband & extenders.
• The ESP 950 comes in a nylon case roughly the size of your standard cinder block.



Koss - 160416 - ESP950 On Ear Headphones - Black

ESP950 Audiophiles seeking the best headphones money can buy should definitely consider the Koss ESP950 electrostatic stereophone.
These transducers operate on currentless electrostatic charges with push-pull capacitor plates to induce movement in an intervening, low-mass, semiconductive diaphragm.
That's a technical way of saying that these ear pieces are highly sensitive and very responsive to minute fluctuations in audio, rendering your music with delicacy and warmth, and with microdynamics - tiny fluctuations in the musicians's output level intact.
The ESP/950 feature Koss’s revolutionary electrostatic transducer design, which includes unique materials and construction for mechanical damping and a proprietary semi-conductive diaphragm coating for an ultra-flat frequency response across the entire range.

• Incorporates state-of-the-art electrostatic transducer technology.
• Electrostatic element with a fast, low-mass diaphragm provides low distortion.
• Pivoting earcups and adjustable, detachable headband for comfort & convenience.
• Soft, vinyl closed ear cushion design for isolation.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Package Include

• Koss ESP950 Electrostatic Stereophone System
• Energizer
• Battery Pack
• Leather Carrying Case
• Connection Cables
• 120VAC Adapter
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

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